Lexington, SC

  Looking for someone to capture your special day can be a daunting task. "This" photographer has "these" packages, "that" photographer has "those" packages. Their prices are usually set in stone. You may get to substitute one thing for something else, that you may or may not need. You are going to end up paying for things that you don't want. I prefer a different approach. You tell me how long you will need me at your event, and then we can discus any printed products, if any, that you are interested in. That's it. You don't even need to make up your mind about the printed products until after you see your photos on my secure online gallery. 

   So what are you paying for? You will get a professional photographer at your wedding, at a flat hourly rate. A second photographer is available for a small addition to the hourly rate. You will also get a digital copy of your edited pictures with a copyright release. Yes, you can print your pictures yourself, but please don't go to a pharmacy photo center. I will give you a far superior print at a very affordable price. The ink and paper used is archival quality, and I offer a full variety of products.



Let's not forget about your engagement session. I use the same principal as the wedding itself, but at the portrait photography hourly rate. Multiple locations, multiple outfits, it's whatever you need. I also offer invitation printing complete with envelopes.


Lexington, SC


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As time passes and you are sitting together in each other's arms, perhaps looking at your leather bound wedding album, and you are ready to share that great news, remember that I also offer Maternity and Newborn Photography too!