Lexington, SC

​​​​​Shaded Line


"Sometimes darkness can show you the Light"

- David Draiman

Content coming soon.. be patient :-)

12-25-2018 - I don't often get the chance to fly for fun, in fact, this might be the first video that I have made that wasn't for a client. I didn't spend too much time on it because it was Christmas and I  value my family time. It was still fun to make. You will notice the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad in the shot. They run the Polar Express this time of year. A note about the edit: the sun was very harsh at that time of day so I chose that color balance to give it an older look and minimize washout.

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6-15-2020 - Well, what a year its been. This time last year, I signed a lease to build a new studio. It took more time than I thought and more money than I had, but it turned out amazing. The rewards were worth the work. It was such a major undertaking that I never had time to blog/vlog. I still need to learn how to blog, but everything takes time. Anyway, as things finally started to pick up, Covid-19 kicked in and shut me back down. No worries, I'd just apply for help and wait it out. Help never came, but I kept shooting real estate and things were picking up again. Finally, the governor lifted some business closures and I made it. Open for business again, I was even more appreciative of what I had.

  Funny how life really is like a rollercoaster. In just a few weeks of being open again, someone decided that they wanted some of my stuff more than I did. Nothing of any major value was stolen, but it was enough to realize that overlooking important details, like security cameras, was a mistake that would still cost me. Not being able to go further in debt, I made the agonizing decision to shut down the studio for good.  At that moment, I was shutting down the business completely. As I was moving out, some of my real estate agents reached out to me with concern. It was quite a surprise to hear all of the great things that they had to say.  Honestly, I was overwhelmed at the level of support that they had shown.  Maybe I'd see if I could hang on to the business that I had worked so hard to build.

  I am still behind the lens, happy to say, because of the support of family, friends, and awesome clients. I can tell you that I am not strong enough to make this journey alone, but I know that I won't be. I will try to do better in the future to share this crazy ride with you. Thanks for being here.

BTW, the SBA approved my disaster loan just a few days after I shut the studio down. Life is also ironic. Stay Safe