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  Weather its your first time, or 30th, buck fever can set in quick. Knowing that he is closer than you expected, you make a last second adjustment through the scope. The firing pin starts an explosion sending 70 grains of copper spinning at high speed. This is the moment that you have been waiting since last season for, maybe even a lifetime. The muzzle blast shields the impact from view. A moment longer and the smoke has settled, revealing your prize. A clean shot downed the buck almost instantly. After you breathe and blink for the first time in what seems like an eternity, reality sets in. You realize that after all of your careful preparation and planning, after all of the hard work scouting in 100 plus degree heat, after promising you wife that you would help with laundry when you return home, it hits you that you forgot one thing.. your camera. You left your phone in the truck because no one was going to interrupt your hunt. How will you capture this memory?

  Ever been in a tree stand on a cool morning, just before sunrise? Its quiet, the kind of quiet that makes you wonder if time itself is frozen. You know that the quiet is about to be shattered however, because you have seen signs of a monster lurking not far away. You have everything you need with you to ensure success. Your .223 is tried and true, cover scent on just in case he gets down wind of you, and you even made sure that your doe bleat can was cleaned out so it doesn't stick again. You hear that oh-so-familiar sound of rustling leaves about 40 yards to your right. Your eyes slowly turn to focus on the source of the commotion. Just as you suspected, a squirrel is just starting off his day.


Woods & Water

   By Shaded Line Photoworks

Story by Dean DiAntonio

​​​​​Shaded Line

Lexington, SC


  For less than the cost of a nice camera, I can take care of capturing your outdoor adventures. Weather it's deer hunting, upland bird, turkey, waterfowl, freshwater or saltwater fishing, I can preserve the spirit of your hunting or fishing trip forever.

  While you take a minute to reflect on that broken silence, you realize that you almost missed the presence of something much larger to your left. It's the monster that you came here for. While you were daydreaming about a Kansas hunt with Micheal Waddell, this creature managed to come within 50 yards of your stand without you even knowing it. No matter now, you have to finish what you started. 

  You feel your heart begin to race as you ease your rifle up from its rest, being careful not to hit the cross bar of your stand, giving away your position. As you shoulder your trusty bolt action, you catch the faint smell of the Hoppe's that you used after the last excursion, wafting from the bolt. Once your eye begins to focus through the Nikon optics, you gently flip the safety. Heart pounding, finger on the trigger, eye on target, you gently begin to squeeze the trigger. 



Lexington, SC